Christoph Alexander Dorn
JavaScript . PHP . Web Software Systems

I am an independent Toolmaker, Consultant,
Developer, System Designer & Operator

I work primarily in Open Source with a
focus on JavaScript, PHP and DevOps

On Life with Software

I believe we must give our minds more time and space to guide us in ways that are truly significant to us individually.

Only from reflection and felt understanding of intent action does wisdom, higher consciousness and joy easily arise.

Software is merely a reflection of our creative imagination and capacity to organize information for a purpose. May that purpose be love and life for all as it guides our thoughts and actions.

On Software Evolution

I believe a major factor constraining software evolution is the lack of refactorability as a core design goal of toolchains.

On a macro level this manifests in short system lifespans and on a micro level in inefficient developers.

Systems rot because they cannot be refactored and developers waste time because they cannot easily upgrade nor swap out components.

I aim to change that!

Christoph Alexander Dorn